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My Journey to Health Consciousness.

Adios people, I Sujit Maharjan have always been a health and fitness enthusiast. Health and fitness is among some parts of life that I always seem to have keen interest on. In my younger life I used to have a skinny and lanky body whereas in my late teens I began to accumulate body of a thick chubby guy with a cementric small and round mole in his face. Trust me when I say I’ve been called names for being skinny and fat person in life.

However, I never changed my eating patterns. I just ate food whenever I felt like having it and I never over or under consumed it. Perhaps I was destined to have different shapes in growing phase of life.

In my early teen years I started smoking out of curiosity. I had the habit of smoking for almost a decade. In that phase of life smoking seem cool and rebellious. Me and my friends were definitely social outcast of that time as it was a risky thing to do, as my father be loathed the habit of smoking and is a non-smoker whole life. I can’t imagine the scenario of being caught red-handed smoking by my father. It was definitely a nightmare.

However time passed and smoking slowly affected my physical and mental health. My body wasn’t functioning in its 100 %. I was always out of breath and stamina in the gym. My endurance entirely depleted and the chest pain in the mornings was pain in the ass.

I could see myself dying of cancer in my dreams and thoughts. The anti smoking advertisement killed my moods as I could see myself dying. Perhaps, this was a part of me being conscious of my health and life. I’ve quitted smoking now and its been almost a year now. I find myself engaging in research and studies for being a healthy and prosperous life


HEALTH AND FITNESS- A rare phenomena in todays generation

We all know health is wealth but we seem less caring and even ignoring about it. The perks of healthy life is price less but obesity seems increasing worldwide as 30% and more people of the world are obese.

The culture of smoking and drinking is also rapidly increasing. This boost the death ratio of people due to cancer, diabetes, pressure and so on.

Let’s cut the negative parts of the article and life and focus on positive parts of life as we will gain nothing from focusing on negativity. Healthy life style isn’t that different to achieve and we simply don’t need to hit a gym or engage in tremendous physical activities to be healthy.

We can be healthy from just consuming sufficient amount water, fruits and veggies. Whereas, donating blood once in 3 months detoxifies our body from insufficient amount of iron and sugar. If we try a little we will find millions way of leading a healthy life.


Our website healthandfitnesssneakpeek.com simply aims to provide health and fitness sneak peeks or information to keep you one step closer to a healthy life style. We are also keen to learn and share new procedures to keep you guys healthy with latest and traditional health trends.


All the best

Sujit Maharjan